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These excursions in the vicinity of our guest-house will make your stay unforgettable...
Ourika: 30 km from Marrakech. This valley disappears into the majestic Atlas Mountains where one can discover a little river with an enticing beach that is ideal for one to take an enjoyable nap. There are also many small restaurants where you can taste some excellent local dishes. About 7 km further, you will arrive in Setti-Fatima, a typical village where you can climb to the top of the mountain to discover 7 waterfalls (warning, it is a strenuous exercise).

The Lalla Takerkoust Dam: 40 km from Marrakech. This impressive dam contains an artificial lake. This is a favorite spot for Moroccans who come to swim in the immense lake's clear waters, making it prime real estate property. In the mean time, the view is magnificent and one can use pedal boats. For others, the rental of a quad-bike will allow the discovery of the surrounding areas. This is a cool and peaceful spot close to the gates of the red city.

Asni and Tizi N'Test: 47 km from Marrakech. This Berber village is situated over 1000 meters above sea-level standing at the bottom of the highest mountain in Morocco (Djebel Toubkal at 4165 meters). During the village's souk on Saturday you can find everything, especially pottery and other knick-knacks. If you continue in the direction of Taroudant, you will take the Tizi N'Test road, which is very impressive due to its height and narrowness, and the spectacular scenery that you will discover.

The Draa Valley: The Draa is the name of a stream that you will follow along your journey. The arid landscape with huge palm trees will be your voyage companions until you reach the magical and unforgettable desert where blue men will await you. However, on the way you will visit the ksours (fortified villages) with multicolored shows, featuring an untouched way of life, and camel rides.

The Dades Valley: The Dades is also a name of a stream that meanders through the Atlas Mountains. The landscape is very diversified and you will pass from an arid desert to a superb oasis full of olive and date-trees. You will spot the famous Kasbahs with fortified cob-walls that are several stories high. Your sense of smell will be put to use because this valley is a land of roses, especially in El Kelaa where you will be able to acquire the rose-water of which the Moroccans are so fond of.

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